Sandeep Goswami Sir strongly believes in providing necessary friendly atmosphere which is always conducive to learning and for which we allow limited 25 students in each batch

He always ensures the best quality education so that the students always have superiority over the others and also desires to enhance the self-esteem of a student by maintaining positive relations.

The academic programme, at Sandeep Goswami Tax Classes, has been conscripted in such a way that it enriches the students in their professional life.

We believe in sharpening the skills of the students to an extent where they top all the fields of life as the winners.

Our Teaching Approach

We believe that success depends upon concrete preparation, and without such preparation there is choice to be failure.

Our teaching method absolutely differs from any other professional coaching institute as we consider that teaching is the supreme technique of assisting students so that student community could understand and learn the complex topic in a lucid manner and also could implement them in practical world.


We offer MOCK test to assess the knowledge/understanding of the students and offer special classes to give additional attention and care to the students who could not perform well at MOCK test. These special classes assist those students who couldn’t understand a concept at first which is now affecting their performance. It will also help those students who hesitate to ask/discuss their doubts in the class because of their nervousness or shyness or their past academic environment.

We asses each student’s capabilities on a regular basis during his / her study period with us, and our teaching systems and assessment methodologies ensure that each student is striving to be his very best every single day.


Doubt Solving Sessions Held after every chapter and test. Special care taken to ensure that the concept is made clear


  • Sandeep Sir only correct the papers


  • Evaluation becomes accurate because Sandeep Sir has taught the topic and he only corrects the topic



  • By Sandeep Sir


  • Specific study plans designed for each student according to his/her space


  • Auto-generated Monthly Performance Report will be sent through Post and/or E mail

  • To encourage the students more, we provide  award to those students, who get highest marks in monthly mock test